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Got Grain? 
This should get us through the Summer...maybe

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If you're doing 80, might as well do 120! 
The immortal words of Scott... We started out today with the intention of brewing 80 gallons for DSG. BUUUUUUT, we got the bright idea to go ahead and shoot for 120 gallons! Why do we drink while we brew?

Here we are -- 60 gallons in the fermenter, 90 mashed-in, and we're barely in shape to tackle the rest. Joey has pointed out that at least we're all still standing! I hope this turns out okay.

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Super Bowl Party 

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So, now that I have your attention the real subject of this post is... Just kidding, there really is free beer!.

OCTOBER 9th & 10th
Holiday Inn -- Airport
2200 ELM HILL PIKE, Nashville, TN 37214

Here's the deal:
Friday night (9th), starting at around 8pm, the Music City Club Crawl takes place. This is an event where homebrew clubs from all over the southeast set up shop and pour their finest. HCB will be there as part of the Antioch Sud Sucker contingent. Come on down and try our latest concoctions!

Follow the link above, or here for more info on the contest.

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4 guys, 30 gallons 
So, with the updated brewrig, we no longer have to lift 60+ gallons of hot wort. The pump from the mash tun to the kettle means much less manual labor! That's the upside. The down side is that we get lazy and start drinking beer, and then we decide its a good idea to blog about it.

So today, we're brewing:

>10 gallons of Oktoberfest
>10 gallons of Chocolate Porter
>10 gallons of IPA (Dick Cheney)

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